Our equipment is engineered from the ground up exclusively to burn used oils (waste), and also burn standard fuel oil for added versatility. For reliable FREE HEAT from used oils and to receive a free consultation contact us today.



Waste Oil Heaters and Boilers

Generate free heat by recycling used oil on site.


An HVLS fans move a High Volume of air at a Low Speed, circulating a high volume of air effectively.



What Makes Us Different

Burning your waste oil to reduce your heating bill is not only environmentally sound, but very profitable as well. We can provide you with more benefits than anyone in our industry.Denny Wandtke, President of Black Gold Environmental Services has testified for the EPA and the DNR as a waste oil expert. We are the WISCO (Wisconsin Auto Dealers), Minnesota Auto Dealer Association and the Illinois Auto Dealer Association's recommended vendor for waste oil furnaces and boilers.