Can I duct the units? Both sides?
Yes, up to 30 feet, on either side.

What kind of fuel can I burn?
Any oil with a flashpoint of 400 degrees or less, up to 90 weight. Used motor oils, brake fluid, gear lubricants, automatic transmission fluid, industrial oils and dirty diesel fuel are ok. Do not add gasoline, paint thinner, chlorinated solvents or antifreeze to your tank.

Can I pump from an outside or underground tank?
Yes, but only if a special transfer pump is used.

How far will the fuel pump push the fuel?
Up to 150 feet

Do I have to vent the tank outside?
Yes. Also, an emergency vent cap must be installed on the tank.

Can I use a paper element filter to screen my oil?
No. Paper filters deteriorate too quickly. A 140 micron, stainless steel filter is recommended.

Can I run the flue pipe through the wall or at an angle? 
Yes, but with no more than a 45 degree angle, and no more than 10 feet on the angle portion. Also, the flue must be at least 4 feet above the highest point on the roof.

Can I use any of these units in my house?
No. EL heaters & boilers are designed specifically for commercial & industrial use only.

Can I burn synthetic oil?
Yes, but only if there is, at least a 50/50 mix with diesel, used transmission fluid, or used oil.

Can I burn vegetable oil?
Yes, but the vegetable oil has to be at least 50 degrees to prevent clogging of the filters. Also, there has to be, at least a 50/50 mix with diesel, used transmission fluid, or used oil.

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